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The NO Breakfast Plan for Acne Sufferers

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NO BREAKFAST? WHAT? I can already hear the screams.

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day"

"If I don't eat breakfast, I won't have any energy"

"I haven't eaten in 8 hours, I'm starving when I wake up!"

"My stomach will grumble all morning!"

"Not eating breakfast is bad for you"


These and other similar complaints are the ones heard most often as soon as the suggestion of not eating breakfast comes up. I'll address each one of these arguments in order.

Argument: "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day"

Response: Upon waking is when you should have the most energy of the entire day. Why? Because during the night you have assimilated all of the nutrients of the previous day's meals, leaving you ready to go in the morning. But most people feel terrible, sluggish, and slow when they wake up! This is due to their horrid diet. When you eat correctly you leap out of bed in the morning, hours earlier than everyone else and with far more energy.

Now, what happens when you eat breakfast in the morning? Most people feel a boost of energy. But in reality, what is this effect? What you are really doing is stopping the cleansing process of the body which is continuing from the night before. Yes, the body does not stop cleansing just because you wake up! 24 hours a day the body attempts to eliminate waste products, but is often hampered by the piling in of harmful foods. So the sluggishness in the morning is the result of the body still trying to cleanse itself. SO what happens when you eat? You stop this cleansing process!

When the cleansing process is stopped, you feel better. Unfortunately, the body stops cleansing because it now has to work on digesting new food. This is why fasting is so effective - what you are doing is letting your body cleanse itself.

So what the no breakfast plan is, is essentially a mini fast. You are giving yourself another 5-6 hours of cleansing per day. Over a month this adds up to over 150 hours of extra cleansing! In fact I am convinced, and know from personal experience and the experience of others, that this one single thing, not eating until noon every day (water only is allowed) will have massively beneficial results for the improvement of acne.

Argument: "If I don't eat breakfast, I won't have any energy"

Response: The reason you have no energy when you wake up is because your diet is wrong. If you eat correctly, you will have tons of energy when you wake up. If you really struggle to wake up, then have a single fruit for breakfast. Oranges are best. Have only one type of fruit. Not apples and oranges, not grapefruit and orange juice. ONE type of fruit. This will slow down the cleansing process but still allow it to continue to a degree.

If you have any meats, eggs, milk or other heavy foods then your cleansing is over for the day and you will spend the rest of the day digesting. Your body will then spend its energy digesting instead of living. If you have just a single fruit your body will digest it quickly and start cleansing again to a smaller amount. Fruit juices by themselves are cleansing substances, this is why there is so much information on juice fasting lately in the alternative health areas.

Argument: "I haven't eaten in 8 hours, I'm starving when I wake up!"

Response: Most of this is a psychological response. "When I wake up, I eat." It becomes a habit more than anything. If you are hungry when you wake up your body has a lot of waste it needs to eliminate. When you say you are starving, you most likely mean your stomach is making noises. See the next question.

Argument: "My stomach will grumble all morning!"

Response: What is this stomach grumbling that most people have? Is it really a sensation of hunger? What you will realize through following this no breakfast plan is that these stomach noises are proof that the body is cleansing. The body cleanses through the stomach. After you go on this no breakfast plan, you will find that in 3-5 days your stomach no longer has any problems in the morning.

Argument: "Not eating breakfast is bad for you"

Response: Bad in what way? Once you understand what the body is trying to do, any momentary feelings of hunger will feel as nothing. Your body is always, always trying to help you, to return you to health. It always wants to restore itself and tries to do so until the moment the body dies. By not eating you allow it to do what it is trying to do - heal you.


The No Breakfast Acne Plan

This plan is very simple. There are 2 versions. One is a transitional version, to help you reach the final no breakfast plan.

Plan 1

Upon waking, wait as long as you can until you have to leave your home before eating. Make it one of the last things you do. Take 1 type of food, and only 1 type. Oranges and grapefruit being the very best. Eat as much of this 1 fruit as you like. Then don't take any food or drink except water until lunch time. No mid morning snacks.

NO fruit juices! This means no pasteurized orange or grapefruit juices! The only thing that is acceptable is fresh squeezed orange or grapefruit juice. Sometimes you can find these at better grocery stores.

Plan 2

Upon waking, drink 8-12 oz of water. Take no other food or juice. Ideally this 8-12 oz of water is the only liquid or solid you take until lunch. However, feel free to drink as much water as you feel you need throughout the morning.


That's it. There is not much to explain about this plan. Put it into action and see the acne results for yourself. This is not meant as a cure. In most cases this won't cure your acne. It is a starting point to the true cleansing of the liver and kidneys. The cleaner your liver and kidneys are, the easier and more effective not eating breakfast will be.

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