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Help For Those with Cystic Acne - How To Manage It

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Cystic acne is an extreme form of acne that can be absolutely devastating to a person's physical body as well as their self image and self confidence. This sickness is a much more serious problem than regular acne. It is often very difficult to clear up with any standard off the shelf treatment. The other main problem is that cystic acne has a very high chance to leave scars which will be a long term effect unless some medical procedure is used to fix them later.

Now what can one do when they have cystic acne? The first step is to eliminate sugar entirely from your diet, immediately. No soda, no fruit juice, no fruit, no desserts, no candy, no energy bars, no refined sugar, no natural sugar. There is zero room at all for the cystic acne sufferer to consume any sugar at all. It must be removed entirely for the time being. Cystic acne is almost always the result of one of two factors, sugar consumption, or an after effect from using toxic medical treatments for acne such as tetracycline.

There may be some cases of cystic acne that are the result of allergic reactions to things such as wheat or peanuts as well. This is the result of a very diseased internal functioning of your body, nevertheless those foods can sometimes trigger it harshly.

Those with cystic acne desperately need good fats. They especially need raw milk in large quantities and also cod liver oil. The inflammation in your body must be stopped. The only way to do this is by fixing the diet.

Fortunately, those with cystic acne often respond the best to changes in diet. This is usually because their diet is very bad and a drastic change to proper eating has the resultant drastic change in their body.

Next they can begin looking at color cleansing and liver flushing. See our acne treatment guide for more details.

Cystic acne is a difficult thing to live with. Those who have it would be wise to change what they are doing significantly as what they are doing currently is not working. We urge those with cystic acne to analyze their diets very seriously



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