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Every day those with acne ask themselves, How do I get rid of my acne? The reason why they ask is of course because it does not seem to heal up on its own (or if it does, new acne spots replace it) and often basic treatments fail to entirely correct the problem. They begin to look for answers when their acne becomes painful enough that they look for a solution.

Next, a person looking to get rid of acne might try some of the well known products for sale on the Internet. They may have some success with them for a time, but almost always the acne comes back stronger later.

This is because they are not addressing the root cause of their acne problem. They are looking to have clear skin by putting products on their skin. The first shift that must happen is to realize that acne is the result of an internal problem in the body, not a "skin problem." In other words, the bad skin is simply the result of a poorly functioning internal organ system.

Now what causes the internal organs to not function as well as they used to? Consider children who have perfect skin, it is obvious they have healthy livers and other healthy bodily functions on the inside, not just on the outside. Their organs are strong internally resulting in a proper functioning of the external body, the skin.

The weakening of the internal organs or the organs being overtaxed is caused by wrong eating habits. The typical diet of children of very sugary foods, endless vegetable oil snacks, and a complete lack of nourishing ingredients is the main cause. After a while, the body can no longer handle these things. (Actually, the body can never properly handle bad foods, it just takes a while to hurt the cleansing organs of your body enough to result in external problems)

So what is the first step to get rid of acne? Your diet must be cleaned up. The rest of this website will guide you in eliminating improper foods, adding good foods and a large variety of other topics that will assist you in your goal to achieve clear skin. If you are skeptical that diet has anything to do with acne, you can start with our article called: Why Do I have Acne and my Friends Don't?!

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