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Attempting to pop a pimple is an acne sufferer's often daily routine. They try to make their skin look as good as possible for others to see. However, many people use improper methods to pop a zit and can cause very significant damage to their skin. Here are some things to avoid:

First of all, you do not want to be doing any poking deep into your skin with a needle or pin or any other very sharp pointed object. This can cause severe damage to the underlying layers of skin and is prone to leave scarring.

So what's the best way?

The best at home method is to use a very small, thing ended pair of scissors such as nail scissors. Make sure they are sterile. The idea is to cut the very tip of the head of the pimple so that the pus will flow out naturally. You just want to open it up. No poking or digging or scraping. Just a quick cut and you will be set. This is why you need a very small pair of scissors! A normal pair of paper cutting scissors absolutely will not be good. You need very thing cutting edges to just barely open a hole in the top of the pimple.

What about some of the devices sold that pop pimples? They often work on this same idea. They are trying to avoid any deep hurting of the skin while opening the zit up. The devices have more control over this. They may work, but we don't really recommend them.




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