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Why Do I have Acne and my Friends Don't? (Implication: We all eat the same, so Acne Can't Possibly be Caused by Diet!)

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This is one of the biggest causes of confusion in the study of acne. Almost everyone who has acne can't help but ask themselves why they have acne and their friends don't. Especially when all of your friends have perfect, clear skin and you do not.

The answer is really quite simple. The answer is that foods affect people differently, in different areas of their body. If someone is eating the Standard American Diet, you can be sure it is affecting them. Every single thing you put into your body affects you. Your body has chosen to eliminate toxins by making them come out of your skin. Your friend's body deals with the toxins differently.

The most clear example of this can be seen with people who are overweight. When was the last time you saw an overweight person with acne? The answer is that there are very few overweight people with acne. Overweight people are often known for their very smooth skin. What does this show? It shows that certain types of people deal with wrong eating in different ways. One group of people deals with it by storing the toxic waste (Fat). The other type of person has the toxins come out through their skin (Acne). Since the toxins are coming out your skin, the body does not get fat. It is just a different way of dealing with the toxins.

Of course, then the next objection is "Well, I know tons of people who have perfect skin and they are thin too!" What are the reasons for this?

  1. They may actually be eating healthy, living a good, active lifestyle.
  2. They may not have hit "puberty" yet. "Puberty" can come very late in both males and females, even into the 20s in some cases.
  3. Their body may be dealing with the toxic waste of foods in another way

In most cases the answer is #3. There are many, many diseases which are not outwardly visible that affect them. Here are some more ways they may be suffering from their wrong eating habits:

These are just a few of the ways the body deals with the effects of wrong eating. Many more are invisible unless you get to know a person very well. If you are admiring someone from afar, you have no idea what internal problems they may have.

Now if you are saying, "Well I know tons of people who have NO diseases at all! They are perfectly healthy!"

At such young ages there will always be a small percentage that can withstand all the abuse to their bodies and not display it outwardly. To assume that eating fast food and every other bad food item and have it have no affect on someone is a mistaken assumption. It will catch up with them sooner or later. My bet is on sooner.

I can count time and time again where I thought I knew someone had no problems whatsoever, and was perfectly healthy, only later to find out that they have been suffering with a mild (or severe) illness that affects them every day of their lives. Even from people I have known for over 5 years. You just don't know what might be affecting someone else.

There are very few cases of true health in America (or the Western world for that matter).

As you can see, poor eating does not affect everyone the same. It is very clear that it does affect everyone, however.

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